High Vacuum Greases and Sealants

Inland Vacuum offers a family of high vacuum greases and other multipurpose lubricants suitable for use in ordinary vacuum application, providing a leak-proof system. In areas where the performance of conventional hydrocarbon or other synthetic greases are unsatisfactory, Inland has inert PFPE and CTFE vacuum greases. These are excellent for a variety of demanding applications at elevated temperatures or in aggressive environments.

In addition to Inland’s own line of Celvacene and PFPE high vacuum greases, Inland Vacuum also offer products from Apiezon®, Dow Corning®, Fomblin®, Kluber Lubrication®, MPT Industries®, Santovac®, and Torrlube®.

Inland High Vacuum Grease and Sealant

Celvacene high vacuum grease provides the lubrication needed for both high and low temperature vacuum sealing applications.

Klüber Lubrication Inert High Vacuum Grease

Klüber Lubrication PFPE high vacuum greases are high performance greases designed to be compatible with corrosive and oxidizing substances.

Apiezon Grease - Family
Apiezon Grease

Apiezon high vacuum greases are suitable for lubrication and sealing in a variety of demanding vacuum applications.

Apiezon® Waxes and Sealing Compounds

Apiezon® is a registered trademark of M&I Materials.

Dow Corning High Vacuum Grease
Dow Corning High Vacuum Grease

Dow Corning High Vacuum Grease is a silicone grease suitable for sealing and lubricating valves, gaskets, bearings, vacuum systems, and other equipment.

TorrLube Oil

TorrLube Oil is an extremely pure Perfluoropolyalkether blend that can withstand thermal expansion and contraction

OC Three PTFE Paste
MPT Industries Oxygen Compatible Grease

OC Three, Five, and Seven are chemically inert PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) products suitable for use in corrosive or harsh environments.

Specialty Greases

Inland Vacuum offers specialty greases - Santovac® 5GB, Inland TEC-Grease, and Halocarbon® 25-5S - for demanding applications in aggressive environments or at elevated temperatures.