Specialty Greases

Inland Vacuum provides a number of multipurpose specialty greases for for use in specific applications where conventional hydrocarbon or other synthetic greases are unsatisfactory. These specialty greases for suitable for a variety of demanding applications in aggressive environments or at elevated temperatures.

Santovac 5GB

Santovac® 5GB is a non-melting, ultra-high vacuum grease with exceptional resistance to high temperatures, oxidation, radiation, chemical attack, and moisture.

Halocarbon® 25-5S

Halocarbon® 25-5S grease is a silica-thickened specialty grease designed for use in contact with powerful oxidizers. It is the ideal lubricant for valves, seals, and gear lubrication.

Inland TEC-Grease

Inland TEC-Grease is the ideal grease for scroll pumps. It has excellent resistance to high temperatures and has exceptional chemical inertness properties.

Typical PropertiesSantovac 5GBHalocarbon 25-S5Inland TEC-Grease
Base OilSantovac 5 polyphenyl etherChlorotrifluoroethyleneFluoropolyether blend
ASTM Penetration220220 - 250299
Service Temperature (ºC)-80 - 450-20 - 175-55 - 235
NLGI Rating332

Santovac® is a registered trademark of SantoLubes. Halocarbon® is a registered trademark of Halocarbon Products Corporation.

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