Vacuum Fluid Reclamation Service

Vacuum Fluid Reclamation Service

In order to serve our customers more effectively, Inland Vacuum Industries (US EPA ID NO.-NYD059649608) offers a wide variety of reclamation services. The reclamation process provides fluid for a fraction of the cost of new material and eliminates the need for costly waste oil disposal. Inland’s in-house laboratory testing facility allows us to analyze reclaimed material to assure reclaimed fluid quality that will meet or exceed original specifications.

Inland also reclaims competitors’ vacuum fluid products and performs custom distillations.

Inland’s reclamation process involves neutralization, particulate filtration, degassing, and vacuum molecular distillation with typical yields in excess of 85%. Through this reclamation process, Inland can guarantee a fluid that meets or exceeds original specifications. The recycled fluid is always stringently tested to insure that it meets the required specifications before it is returned to the customer. The exact cost savings vary, but savings of around 60% compared to purchasing new material are typical.

Reclaimable Mechanical Pump Fluids

  • Inland TW, HVTW
  • Invoil® 20
  • Inland 45, Inland 45Z
  • Inland geminYe® 06, 14, 16, 25
  • Inland geminYe® 06 RP, 14 RP, 16 RP, 25 RP
  • Inland geminYe® SV
  • HaloVac® 100, 125, 190
  • Fomblin® Y06/6, Y14/6, Y16/6, Y25/6
  • Fomblin® Y06/6 RP, Y14/6 RP, Y16/6 RP, Y25/6 RP
  • Fomblin® SV
  • Competitors’ equivalent products

HaloVac® is a registered trademark of Halocarbon Products Corporation. Fomblin® is a registered trademark of Solvay. NEOVAC® is a registered trademark of Moresco.

Vacuum diffusion pump oils are contaminated and thermally cracked during the operation of product vacuum systems. Inland Vacuum’s reprocessing method for recycling up to 95% of contaminated or degraded diffusion pump oil restores the oil to its original high level of purity and performance. With increased shortages of silicones and of the pump fluids derived from petroleum and petro chemical feed stocks, coupled with rapidly accelerating costs and waste problems, the profit advantages of Inland’s reclamation process are very attractive.

Inland’s recycling procedure is a multi-staged process utilizing a continuous high vacuum still which removes contaminated compounds from your process and the heavy cracked oil contaminants in the final distillation. This process has successfully been used to recover 3,000-hour-old oil from DC-705 in space chambers, DC-704 used in optical coating, our Invoil 20 and Convoil 20 used in vacuum metalizing, and Santovac 5 used in the electronics field. Highly refined reprocessing techniques have also permitted effective recovery of dielectric fluids such as DC200 and DC550. We guarantee the resultant reclaimed material to be equal or superior to new fluid.

Reclaimable Diffusion Pump Fluids

  • Invoil® 20, 30, 40, 44, 46
  • Inland geminYe® 18-8, 25-9, 40-11, 140-13
  • Fomblin® 18/8, 25/9, 40/11, 140/13
  • Invoil® 702, 704, 705, 940
  • Dow Corning® DC-702, 704, 705
  • Santovac® 5, 5P Ultra
  • Apiezon® AP201
  • Competitors’ equivalent products

Fomblin is a registered trademark of Solvay. Dow Corning® is a registered trademark of Dow Corning Corporation. Santovac® is a registered trademark of SantoLubes. NEOVAC® is a registered trademark of Moresco. Apiezon® is a registered trademark of M&I Materials.