Inland Vacuum offers offers a set of quality liquid ring pump fluids – Inland 98 and Inland 99 – specially designed for performance. By using the specific type of oil most suited for their application, in this case liquid ring vacuum pumps, pumping times are lowered, oil service life is increased, and total maintenance cost is reduced.

Inland 98

Inland 98 is a synthetic hydrocarbon liquid ring pump oil that offers exemplary chemical resistance alongside extended fluid life, long service life, and reduced pump maintenance downtime.

Inland 99

Inland 99 is a general purpose hydrocarbon liquid ring pump oil that exhibits excellent pump down and performance in the presence of water.

  • Low vapor pressure
  • Extended fluid life
  • Chemical resistance (Inland 98)
  • Good lubricity

  • Power equipment
  • Soil and groundwater remediation
  • Food production
  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare
  • Petrochemicals

SpecificationInland 98Inland 99
Vapor Pressure at 25ºC (torr)<4x10-4<2x10-4
Boiling Point at .01 torr  (ºC)107112
Viscosity at 40ºC (cSt)2028
Pour Point (ºC)-19-1
Flash Point (ºC)187199
Fire Point (ºC)210221
Density at 25ºC (g/ml)0.830.86

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