Terms and Conditions

1. Delivery
Unless otherwise specifically provided, shipment will be scheduled in conformance with the buyer’s requirements, as far as possible, but subject to priority and scheduling regulations, export or other license requirements, and government allocations and directives. Inland Vacuum will make every effort to keep the buyer informed as to probable shipping date postponement of delivery or failure to give notice of delay will not, in any way render Inland Vacuum liable or constitute ground for cancellation.

We will use our best efforts to deliver as specified but shall not be liable for delays in delivery occasioned by any force beyond our control, including but not limited to war, labor difficulties, riot, fire, flood, earthquake, windstorm, or regulations or any other occurrence, whether or not similar in character to the foregoing, beyond our reasonable control. Any such delay shall affect a corresponding extension of delivery date.

Shipments made F.O.B. Shipping Point shall be at the risk of the buyer, who shall make all claims to the carrier in the event of damage to shipped material or losses in transit. Buyer shall notify Inland Vacuum in writing relative to any shortage, within ten days of receipt of shipment.


2. Acceptance
Products ordered and shipped shall be deemed finally inspected and accepted within ten days after delivery thereof, unless notice of rejection or notice of any claim, express, or implied, is given in writing to the Seller within the said period. Acceptance as fore said shall be deemed full performance of our obligations here under save for its obligation under the below warranty.

3. Warranty
Inland Vacuum warrants that all goods will be free from defects. No warranty as to fitness, nor any other warrantee, except of title, shall be implied. Minor deviations from specifications, which do not affect performance of the product shall not be deemed to constitute defects of materials or workmanship or a failure to comply with specifications referred to herein. Inland warrants that the products sold are in accordance with our published specifications or those specifications agreed to by the seller in writing at the time of sale.

Notice of any claim that the products are in any way defective shall be given to Inland immediately upon discovery and Inland will therefore correct the defects by repair or replacement without charge F.O.B. shipping point. Inland’s liability shall in no case exceed the cost of the parts or products. All liability shall terminate within one year after shipment from Inland’s plant.

4. Pricing and Payment
All prices will be F.O.B. Churchville, NY at the time of shipment. Prices will be subject to change without advance notice. Established prices do not include sales, use, excise, or similar taxes that are in effect or that may be imposed by Federal, State, or local governments. All applicable taxes will be paid by the buyer or in lieu thereof the buyer shall provide a tax exemption certificate acceptable to the taxing authorities. Payment terms will be net 30. Any changes in price or other terms of sale must be instituted by the Sales Manager of Inland Vacuum.

5. Cancellation
Either party shall have the right to cancel the order in the event that the other party become bankrupt or insolvent or makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors. In addition, if more than one installment of goods is stipulated to be delivered, the order shall be constructed to be severable as to each installment and, in the event of failure of the buyer to make payment for any installment when due, Inland may withhold further delivery until the default has been remedied or may require deliveries to be paid for in cash upon delivery.

6. Returns
All returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Please contact your Inland sales representative prior to returning any products.

7. Patents
Inland Vacuum shall not be responsible for patent infringement of any process or method claim in any United States infringement of any apparatus claim except that if the goods are ordered are customarily sold to others by inland. Inland shall defend any suit brought against the buyer as so far as based on an apparatus claim that any product or part thereof furnished under this agreement constitutes an infringement of United States Letter Patent, provided that the buyer notifies Inland Vacuum of the institution of the suit within ten days after service of process on the buyer. Inland Vacuum shall control the defense of the suit and shall bear the expense of such defense. Inland’s liability to the buyer, including the expense of such defense shall be limited to the total selling price of the product hereunder.

8. Specifications
Inland Vacuum reserves the right to alter or discontinue specifications on all products at any time. Obligation to incorporate new features or modifications into products previously sold will not be incurred as a result of the above declaration.

9. Damages
In no event shall any claim for consequential damages be made by either party.

10. Controlling the Law
The contract of sale shall be constructed in accordance with New York state laws.

11. Company Responsibility
All data and information presented on this website is designed specifically to aid you in your fluid selection process. Inland Vacuum Industries, Inc. therefore, disclaims any responsibility for damages or injuries that may occur during the use of your vacuum pump fluids in those applications where actual use exceeds the design specifications put forth in this catalog. Inland Vacuum will however guarantee its products to the full extent of the terms stated in our warranty agreement.