NEOVAC Synthetic Diffusion Pump Fluid

NEOVAC Synthetic Diffusion Pump Fluid

NEOVAC SX and SY Series

NEOVAC® SX and SY are synthetic vacuum oils produced through a fractional distillation process using refined alkyldiphenylether. NEOVAC SX and SY diffusion pump fluids are suitable for applications such as vapor deposition, sputtering, and surface treatment. The fluids offer low vapor pressure as well as excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance.

Inland Vacuum is the exclusive authorized distributor of the NEOVAC vacuum fluids line.

NEOVAC® is a registered trademark of Moresco.

  • Low vapor pressure
  • Reduced backstreaming
  • High pumping speed
  • Thermostability
  • High chemical resistance
  • Environmentally safe

  • Vapor deposition
  • Sputtering
  • Surface treatment

Vapor Pressure at 25ºC (torr)5x10-81x10-8
Viscosity at 40ºC (cSt)2225
Specific Heat (cal/g)0.550.55
Flash Point (ºC)250260
Working Temperature (ºC)170~210180~253

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