Fomblin PFPE Mechanical Pump Fluid

Fomblin® PFPE vacuum pump fluids are non-flammable, chemically inert, and thermally stable. When used with proper pump filtration, Fomblin PFPE vacuum pump oils provide exceptionally long service life. These fluids have excellent lubricity properties and are available in viscosity grades suitable for use in all vacuum pumps. Consult your Inland sales representative or engineer for assistance in selecting the proper viscosity grade for your specific pump and application.

Fomblin® Y LVAC Inert Vacuum Pump Fluids

Fomblin Y L VAC is an inert perfluorinated fluid mixture with a hexafluoropropylene base. Because the chemical chain contains only carbon, fluorine, and oxygen, it exhibits excellent physical properties, including excellent lubricity and minimal backstreaming.

Fomblin® Y LVAC RP Inert Vacuum Pump Fluids

Fomblin Y LVAC RP incorporates a new patented Fomblin antirust additive which enables the fluid to withstand even the harshest chemical environments. The additive, based on the Fomblin perfluoro-polyether structure, does not affect the chemical resistance and high vacuum performance of the Y LVAC RP fluids.

Fomblin® SV Inert Vacuum Pump Fluid

Fomblin SV is an advanced inert perfluorinated fluid with a backstreaming rate of virtually zero, allowing for an ultra clean vacuum. This fluid offers excellent performance in dry etcher and CVD applications without the need to invest in dry pump technology.

Fomblin® is a registered trademark of Solvay.

  • Low vapor pressure
  • Non-flammable
  • No flash or fire point
  • Low volatility
  • Low surface tension
  • Low toxicity
  • Excellent compatibility with metals, plastics, and elastomers

  • Chemically inert
  • High thermal stability
  • Good aqueous and non-aqueous solvent resistance
  • High dielectric properties
  • Good radiation stability
  • CFC-free and Ozone friendly
  • Reclaimable

  • Semiconductors
  • Chemical pumping (lewis acids)
  • Oxygen pumping (YL-VAC and YL-VAC RP)
  • Reactive ion etching
  • Plasma etching

Fomblin Y LVAC Inert Vacuum Pump Fluids

Typical PropertyY06/6Y14/6Y16/6Y25/6
Average molecular weight1800250027003300
Specific gravity at 20ºC (g/cm3)1.881.891.891.90
Kinematic viscosity (cSt)64148168276
Viscosity index7197110113
Vapor pressure at 25ºC (torr)8x10-71x10-72x10-66x10-8
Pour point (ºC)-50-45-45-35
Heat of vaporization at 200ºC (cal/g)11887
Surface tension (dyne/cm)21222222
Evaporation loss after 22 hrs (% by weight)2.8 (120ºC)2.6 (149ºC)3.9 (149ºC)0.6 (149ºC)
Ultimate total pressure (torr)1.7x10-31.4x10-32.4x10-31.2x10-3
Specific oil consumption (cm3/hr)

Fomblin Y LVAC RP Inert Vacuum Pump Fluids

Typical PropertyY06/6 RPY14/6 RPY16/6 RPY25/6 RP
Boiling Point (ºC)>270>270>270>270
Viscosity at 20ºC (cSt)73165165290
Vapor pressure at 20ºC (torr)5x10-64x10-74x10-74x10-7
Flash Point (ºC)NoneNoneNoneNone
Density (g/ml)1.881.891.891.90

Fomblin SV Inert Vacuum Pump Fluid

Typical property SV
Vapor pressure at 20ºC (torr)5x10-9
Viscosity at 20ºC (cSt)200
Pour Point (ºC)-38
Flash Point (ºC)None
Density (g/ml)1.90

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