• Vacuum Expertise

    Vacuum Expertise

    Over forty years of dedicated vacuum experience and service.

  • High Performance Fluids

    High Performance Fluids

    Supplying our customers with a complete line of cost-effective vacuum products.

  • Products When You Need Them

    Products When You Need Them

    Always maintaining a well-stocked inventory for high availability and fast shipment.

  • Sustainable Development

    Sustainable Development

    Vacuum fluids and services that fuel innovation across multiple industries.

  • For All Applications

    For All Applications

    Fire-safe, non-corrosive, long-lasting dialectric fluids for power transformers and other areas.

Featured Products

HaloVac Family
HaloVac Inert CTFE Synthetic Fluid

HaloVac Inert CTFE Synthetic Fluid HaloVac 100, HaloVac 125, and HaloVac

Inland 19 Family
Inland General Purpose Hydrocarbon Mechanical Pump Fluid

Inland Vacuum’s line of general purpose hydrocarbon fluids for mechanical pumps

geminYe Inert PFPE Mechanical Pump Oil

Inland's geminYe line of inert PFPE mechanical pump oil are non-flammable,

NEOVAC General Purpose Fluid

NEOVAC general purpose fluids - MR-100 and MR-200 - are suitable

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